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3 out of 10 people suffer from headache and migraine. Alcohol, and red wine in particular, is among the strongest known migraine triggers.

Identifying which wines are the most suitable for headache victims on one’s own can be a real challenge.
Wines labelled with the MigrainePolice red seal, identifies that the wines are especially low on histamine; i.e. less than 0,5mg/l, defined as “histamine-free”.  Migrainepolice is made for and by people who personally suffer from chronic headache and migraine. Low Histamines wine might still be challenging to find in the market, but is is interesting for a large group of people.

The basic idea of MigrainePolice (Since 2004) is to help and guide people who suffer from migraine and/or headache and would still like to enjoy a glass of wine.

As a consequence of our cause, the consumer should be able to identify histamine free wines. Comparing different wines, they will not have the same effect on triggering migraine and headache, based on a variation of parameters. Different grapes have different chemical structures.

The production process, the purity of the production, as well as the yeast, fermentation and aging process gives different basis for wines, making it possible to produce a pure histamine free product. A low content of histamines and tannins is critical, when it comes to selecting wines for this group. However, there are other factors as well, that are equally important.

MigrainePolice has a good cooperation with “NMF Migraine Association”, and has tested carefully selected wines that are very low on histamines.

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This wine is tested and classified as HistamineFree, by MigrainePolice
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