Geir Sivertzen

Geir Sivertzen has suffered from headache and migraine for several decades. After having identified that there were certain triggers that most often caused the problems, he found that red wine was one of them. Searching for advice on what wines to choose, he searched among wine shops, restaurants, doctors, oenologists, litterature and internet – however without really finding any good advice.

Around 2004 he found interesting litterature and studies, showing that biogene amines was the main cause of the problem, and constant research since then has resulted in MigrainePolice AS and, whis is targetting to be the primary information channel in the world on information on the correlation between headache and migraine and wine. Working closely with the wine business, experts on medicine, media and researchers is most important.

MigrainePolice is testing and approving wine that meets its strict specifications, making it possible for people who are sensitive to red wine to choose a wine that will please them, instead of trigging another migraine attach.

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Phone : (+47) 917 79 024

Anders Haug Thomassen

Anders Haug Thomassen is an experienced international business consultant who has been working in partnership with the founder Geir, organizing and developing MigrainePolice AS since 2008.

Anders is also a lover of great wine, but he is one of the lucky guys who can drink any good wine on the planet. Anders has taken the initiative for the team to visit some of the greatest wine fairs around the world, and linked up with several interesting partners.

He is very focused that the wines we recommend should fill three criterias:

  1. Extremely LowOnBiogeneAmines and Tannins, tested by expert laboratories
  2. Should be tested and approved by wine experts with long experience
  3. Should be tested and approved by a panel of migraine sufferers – “Tested on humans”

Contact :
Phone : (+47) 900 23 938

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