No pain

– to be free to enjoy the Saturday night with a glass of red wine and good food

2 out of 5 people are striving with headache and migraine on a regular basis. Red wine is one of the best known triggers for headache.

Accordingly, what should have been a pure pleasure could easily turn into a nightmare. Due to modern science and carefully selected pure methods for producing wine, great wines that are histamine free, are now on the market.

The problem is, however, to identify the right wines. The world of wines is wonderful and exciting, with extremely many quality products available. When searching for more technical information, it gets more difficult. There is definitely knowledge in the market on what wines that should be selected for this group, but it is very often difficult for a consumer to find this info. The basic idea of MigrainePolice is to identify these products, to have them tested, and to guide wine lovers all over the world in selecting wines that are beneficial for them.

Migraine sufferer Anita Bratland is one of those who now enjoy the freedom of being able to zip to a glass of wine from time to time in the weekends, without ending up with a hammering headache.

“I select my wines from those recommended on,” Anita says. “On this web site I can identify wines that are produced with extremely low contents of histamines and tannins, tested by migrainics for us who suffer heavily from headache”..
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