2006-Vermont-Analysis of Histamine in Wine Samples

Extract: Histamine is considered to be an allergen and a causative agent for headaches. While on average histamine in wine is 5.7 ppm and 3.4 ppm for red and white wine respectively, an extremely low histamine content is a desirable characteristic. The detection limit of the test kit is considered to be the lowest standard containing histamine (i.e. 0.5 ppb). Because wine samples are diluted 1:500, the lowest detectable limit in wine samples therefore would be 250 ppb. This is well below the typical ranges in wine, which are usually in the low ppm range. Some countries have established limits for histamine in wines.

Switzerland recommends 10 mg/L as a maximal level, Germany recommends 2 mg/L, while Belgium and France recommend 5 mg/L and 8 mg/ml respectively. [3].

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